Third Party Due Diligence Internal Request Form

Third Party Due Diligence Internal Request Form

A. Compliance Program Process

A1. Program Elements

B. Business Related Information

B1. Business Services / Unit
B2. Business Services / Unit

C. Third Party

C3. Type of Service or Items being provided

D. Selection of Third Party

E. Background of Third Party

E1. Is there any concern regarding the reputation of the Third Party from a business integrity or compliance standpoint. For example, has the Third Party faced allegations of bribery, kickbacks, fraud or other wrongdoings?
E2. Did a representative of a [client] or a government official recommend (without us requesting a recommendation) or insist that we use the Third Party?
E3. Has the Third Party requested that they receive payment 1) in a jurisdiction other than the country in which the services are being provided or the country of their corporate headquarters, 2) to an account that does not appear to be their company`s business account or 3) to a party that is not part of the contract?

F. Internal Information

F5. Was an additional Business Approval required
If so, was it obtained?
Completed and Confirm as Accurate