Third Party Due Diligence Information Form

Third Party Due Diligence Information Form

A. Compliance Program Process

Program Elements

B. Business Related Information

B1. Business Services / Unit
B2. Region Involved
E. Status of Form

F. Third Party

F3. Main Office Address
F3. Main Office Address
F6. Type of Service or Items being Offered
F9. Does any government or government related entity hold an equity interest [Q.Business Information 3.d.1]
F10. Has the third party or a key representative ever held a higher level position in the government, at a government controlled entity or in the military [Q.Personal Information 4]
F11. Does a key third party representative or immediate family member work in a higher level position for any government or government controlled entity, customer or potential customer [Q.Personal Information 1 and 2b]
F12. Where there any “Yes” responses in the Internal Request Form
F13. Will any sub-agent be used [Q.Sub-agent Information]

G. Internal Information

G5. Was an additional Business Approval required
G6. Was an additional Due Diligence Report required to be completed
G7. Was the Third Party Compliance Certificate obtained for:

H. Supporting Documentation

Contract---Downloads from Questionnaire---Additional Report/Information---Training/Certifications
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

I. Compliance Approval, if Required