Hospitality and Gifts Form

Hospitality and Gifts Form

A. Compliance Program Process

Program Elements

B. Business Related Information

B1. Business Services / Unit
B2. Region Involved
E. Status of Form

F. Activity Information

F1. Type
F4. Objective
F7. Are there any legal, third party or contractual issues such as guidelines, restrictions or related requirements?
F8. Is there a government official involved?

G. Attach Supporting Documentation, As Applicable .... Receipts, Confirmations - Invitations/Request Correspondence - Entity Background

Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

Add Photo of Receipt or other Documents

H. Internal Information

H4. Was an additional Business Review/Approval required
If so, was it obtained
H5. Was an additional Compliance Review/Approval required
If so, was it obtained

G. Completed and Confirmed as Accurate

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