Donations, Sponsorships Form

Donations, Sponsorships Form

A. Compliance Program Process

Program Elements

B. Business Related Information

B1. Business Services / Unit
B2. Region Involved
E. Status of Form

F. Activity Information

F1. Type of Donation / Sponsorship
F4. Objective
F8.Are there any legal, third party or contractual issues such as guidelines, restrictions or related requirements?
F9. Is there a government official involved
F10. Did a representative of a [client] or a government official recommend (without us requesting a recommendation) request our participation?
G. Attach Supporting Documentation, As Applicable .... Receipts, Confirmations - Invitations/Request Correspondence - Entity Background
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

Add Photo of Receipt or other Documents

H. Internal Information

H4. Was an additional Business Review / Approval required
If so, was it obtained
H5. Was an additional Compliance Review / Approval required
If so, was it obtained

Completed and Confirmed

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